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1.6 for marketing my services and products;

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This is information given to me in the course of your business and ours if you have applied to join any affiliate scheme I may offer. Such information is retained for business use only. I undertake to preserve the confidentiality of the information and of the terms of our relationship. This information is used:

5.1 to maintain my accounts and affiliate records;

5.2 for billing;

5.3 to enable me to answer your enquiries;

5.4 for verifying your identity for security purposes;

5.5 to send you news about the services to which you have signed up;

5.6 to tell you about another of my services.

6 Business information.

This is information given to me in the course of your business and mine such as in relation to your application to partner with me or advertise with me. Such information is retained for business use only. I undertake to preserve the confidentiality of the information and of the terms of our relationship. It is not used for any other purpose. I expect you and any partner to reciprocate this policy.

7 Disclosure to Government and their agencies.

I am subject to the law like everyone else. I may be required to give information to legal authorities if they so request or if they have the proper authorization such as a search warrant or court order.

8 Information request.

At any time you may review or update the personally identifiable information that I hold about you, by contacting me at the address below. To better safeguard your information, I will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections to your information.


”Having my eyebrows done by Sam has brought life back to my face; my friends are all amazed at the change in me.” Joanna Armitt
Semi Permanent Makeup - Eyebrows


Good eyebrows frame our faces and can dramatically enhance our look giving us a polished and well-groomed finish. They define our expressions and provide balance to our appearance. Shape, length, thickness and colour all play a part in creating that perfect effortless everyday look.

It doesn’t matter how your eyebrows are currently shaped or how much eyebrow hair you have, hair-by-hair simulation can give you a perfect pair of youthful looking brows – so even if you’ve been over-zealous with the tweezers, good eyebrows are still within reach.


“Sam has done an amazing job with my semi-permanent eyeliner, so much so that I went back for eyebrows! Truly talented, thank you.” Lisa Mattock
Semi Permanent Makeup - Eyes


Our eyes are a marker of our emotions and expressions; the part of our body language that we pay the most attention to, so it’s not surprising we spend so much time making them look as good as we can.

Applying eyeliner well can be tricky and time-consuming and let’s face it; even the most artistic among us find ourselves reaching for the cotton buds to smooth the wobbles and smudges. Eyeliner enhancements can dramatically define our eyes and eye shape, creating long-lasting make-up perfection that’s there every day without effort. Even ageing eyes and faded irises can be addressed with this treatment.


“By a million miles Sam is the best I’ve been to – I have complete confidence in her and I love the work she has done.” Jo-Emma Larvin, model
Semi Permanent Makeup - Lips


Sadly, not all of us are blessed with full lips or a blushing pout – and creating the illusion with lipstick can produce inconsistent results that soon disappear. In addition, ageing tends to have a thinning and fading effect on lips, leaving them undefined. The good news is that lip enhancements give us the perfect opportunity to create full luscious lips and a youthful pout – boosting confidence and creating an appealing, attractive look.

Redefine, volumise and rejuvenate your lips with semi-permanent lipliner and lipblush.


“A great natural alternative to
Botox or fillers; your skin will look
and feel refreshed, rejuvenated
and revitalised.” Sam Phillips
Meso Vytal

Meso Vytal

Meso Vytal is a digital skin needling technique that uses hyaluronic serums to infuse the skin. It’s a gentle, pain free way to refresh and rejuvenate the skin and reduce or even remove wrinkles.

Areas that can be treated include the face, neck, décolletage and back of hands.

How it works

Meso Vytal works in harmony with your body, stimulating natural collagen production and replenishing vital skin nutrients. The special needling pen gently introduces the cell boosting treatment into the mid-layers of the skin, targeting and repairing the cause of surface skin damage. Its unique design ensures that specific areas, such as around the eyes, can be treated.

The treatment doesn’t damage healthy skin and so recovery is fast. Any redness will disappear within a couple of hours leaving your skin feeling wonderful and visibly improved.

The Treatments

There are a number of different treatments that Sam trusts. For your specific programme, Sam will analyse your skin type to ensure the perfect solution for you.

Meso Vytal Med

The combination of Hyaluronic acid and peptides stimulate collagen production and together help reduce wrinkles and will lift and invigorate tired skin.

Meso Vytal Fresh

A sophisticated combination of essential vitamins, Q10 and amino acids which nourish the skin and create a firmer fresher look, particularly suitable for young skin.

Meso Vytal Pure

Like a spa treatment, which will hydrate, protect and refresh the skin. The subtle combination of natural extracts and amino acids will enhance dull and dry skin and particularly benefit mature clients.


For the best possible results Sam recommends a 6 week programme with a treatment every week and then an on-going maintenance treatment every 6 weeks.


“Some years ago, a close friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. Back then nipple reconstruction was a crude affair but thankfully things have changed. I’ve maintained close links with cancer charities in the years since I first came across this life-changing technique, and I’m so pleased to now be able to offer this sophisticated treatment as part of my regular services.”
Sam Phillips Corrective Work

Corrective work

Sam gained her corrective-cosmetic skills through master-class training with some of the country’s leading technicians, and now offers the following treatments as a part of her regular services. Some patients may be eligible to receive treatment free-of-charge. If this is of interest to you, please get in touch with Sam, who will be more than happy to discuss your individual needs with you.

Nipple/Areola restoration

Areola restoration or nipple tattooing helps women recovering from mastectomy, lumpectomy or other breast surgeries by reconstructing the shape of the nipple, creating a natural and ‘3D’ look. The new nipple and areola are tattooed using a range of pigments and shading techniques to match your natural colour and the results can last for up to two years. Tattooing isn’t usually painful but a local anaesthetic can be used.

For further information and pricing click here.

MCA Micro-needling

Micro-needling is an increasingly popular treatment that can dramatically improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. A specialised device creates tiny pinpricks in the treatment area which stimulate the body’s wound healing process to produce new collagen. This new collagen builds up in the dermis, smoothing and improving the appearance of the skin.

For further information and pricing click here.


Sam works on the principle that pricing should be transparent. For this reason, there are no hidden extras, no surprises and no additional product fees.


All prices include:

All prices are inclusive of VAT.


A deposit of 20% is required to secure an appointment.
Other terms & conditions apply.


Appointments not attended or cancelled within 24 hours of the allocated appointment time will be charged at 50% of treatment fee.

Refunds of deposits can be given only if 48 hours notice of cancellation is provided.


Please arrive five minutes prior to your allotted appointment time. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate children in the treatment room.


A colour boost is recommended after 12 months to maintain results – additional charges apply. Full details available on request.

Nipple/Areola RestorationClose

“You’ve made me feel like me again”
Elaine Before and After

Before Surgery

If possible, Sam always likes to see clients before their surgery for a free consultation. This is a good opportunity to take some notes and a close up photo to ensure that Sam can deliver the best possible shape and colour match for your nipples post-surgery compared to pre-surgery.

If there is a chance that you might lose your eyebrows during treatment, Sam will give you a complimentary drawing/shaping lesson with powder or pencil to help you during chemotherapy.

For a more permanent solution Sam can tattoo eyebrows, either during chemotherapy with written medical consent, 5 weeks after your last session, or 6 months post-breast reconstruction.

As with all appointments Sam will take her time with you, showing you her client portfolio, explaining the treatments step by step and answering any questions you might have.

Post Surgery Consultation

During the shape and design stage Sam will show you various skin colours and together with you choose the shades that best suit your personal needs.

MCA Micro-NeedlingClose

“I’ve found this treatment really helps my clients by softening scarring, improving skin tone and allowing better, less restricted movement.”
Sam Phillips Micro Needling

MCA Micro-needling

A micro-pigmentation machine creates tiny pinpricks in the treatment area which stimulates the body’s wound healing process to produce new collagen. This can dramatically improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and wrinkles.

How it works:

The body responds to the needling by sending blood to the area for healing. Blood platelets release clotting fibres and essential growth factors – fibroblasts, which make and deposit collagen and elastin. As the skin repairs, new collagen builds up in the dermis, improving the appearance of the treated area.